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microscopy stages
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Fine Positioning Technology

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Precision Systems for OEM and specialty microscopy positioning applications.
Typ Microscopy Applications
microscopy stages Q-MAX

The Q-Max precision positioning stage series from NUTEC developed for maximum stiffness and high resolution. A short stroke translation stage capable of precise positioning in either vertical or horizontal orientations, while maintaining extremely tight trajectory control.

Q-MAX Series (microscopy stages data sheet)

microscopy stages Elevator stage

Elevator Stage ES-200 is designed for vertical Z-axis applications requiring extremely fine incremental up-down motions with high resolution, high repeatability, and high mechanical stability.

Elevator stage ES 200 (microscopy stages data sheet)

microscopy stages METROSTAGE

METROSTAGE Series are high precision stages designed as an integral X/Y compound table for precise positioning. METROSTAGE is available with either solid top or in an open frame configuration.

METROSTAGE (microscopy stages data sheet)

microscopy stages Rotary Positioning Systems

Rotary Positioning Stages by NUTEC and TEC testronics provide bolt-on solutions for any application where precision rotary positioning or indexing is required. Three varieties of systems are available in sizes to fit most applications.

Rotary Positioning Systems

microscopy stages XY Tables

Our feature packed XY table products cover a range of positioning requirements; from robust industrial grade screw driven positioning tables to nanometer resolution metrology products.

XY Tables

microscopy stages Compound Positioning Systems

We design and manufacture linear motion systems for applications including semiconductor, medical, laboratory, photonics, fiber-optics, lasers, and many others, and are skilled in vacuum and clean room techniques. Extensive motion control and positioning system experience, in both our own components and the interaction of components found in complete systems, allows us to provide rotary and linear motion systems tailor-made for your operation.

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microscopy stages
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microscopy stages
microscopy stages

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