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Fine Positioning Technology

System Solutions



  • XY Precision Tables
Our standard product line includes a series of X-Y Tables, together they satisfy a wide range of application requirements.Of course custom features and configurations can be developed to meet your exact requirements.
Typ XY Table Application
xy table LTG-LINEAX Tables

A linear motor driven X-Y positioning table is assembled with a LTG series positioning component operating as an X-axis. A LINEAX-10 series positioning component is assembled on the LTG saddle with travel axis orthogonal to LTG travel providing Y-Axis motion.

LTG-LINEAX Tables (Linearantrieb data sheet)

xy table LINEAX-Tables

All LINEAX positioning stages can be assembled in an X and Y configuration creating tables with range of travel and payload matched to your requirements.

LINEAX-Tables (Lineartische data sheet)

xy table Flexdrive Tables

XY table based on a FLEXDRIVE 8 or 10 positioning components featuring shaft mounted or integrated linear encoder systems with non-contacting readhead, pre-loaded precision ball screw drive, executed in standard precision with axis orthogonal within 10 arc sec or less.

Flexdrive Serie (Linearantrieb data sheet)

xy table Tracline Tables

XY positioning tables are assembled from our Tracline-6 series stages.
Available travel ranges from 350mm to 750 mm per axis

TRACLINE-6 Serie (Lineartisch data sheet)

xy table Trimline Tables

XY positioning tables are assembled from our trimline-6 series stages.
Available travel ranges from 100mm to 300 mm per axis

TRIMLINE-6 Serie (Linearantrieb data sheet)

xy table MTC-100 Tables

Lowest cost precision lead screw driven positioning system.
Based on MTC-100 positioning components with available travel ranges 25mm to 200 mm per axis.

xy table METROSTAGE Tables

METROSTAGE Series are high precision stages designed as an integral X/Y compound table for precise positioning. METROSTAGE is available with either solid top or in an open frame configuration. Available with a variety of drive mechanisms; ball screw, roller screw, linear motor or ceramic servo drives.

METROSTAGE Serie (Lineartisch data sheet)

xy table X-TRIM Tables

X-TRIM series stages feature an advanced technology design and are available in either compound dual axis or single axis configurations. X-TRIM, a superb linear motor driven stage system used for high accuracy and high speed positioning tasks, where compact size is required. X-TRIM precision, stages built for 24/7 operation.

X-TRIM Serie (Lineartisch data sheet)

xy table AIR Bearing Single Plane Positioning Systems

This completely non-contact design offers the qualities of both high reliability and clean operation. Feedback from the fiber delivered plane mirror interferometer system provides a resolution of < 1 nanometer per count.

AIR Bearing Positioning Systems (Lineartisch data sheet)

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